Computer acting weird? Can't get online? Overwhelmed with pop ups? There is a good chance that your computer is infected. We attack the infections from several different levels in different modes, and we don't quit until they are gone. We don't try to sell you expensive security you don't need. Owning a clean computer usually only requires investment in personal maintenance, not money.

Contrary to what the PC industry would lead you to believe, your computer is not a disposable commodity. In many cases, if it doesn't work, neither do you. We respect your investment with common sense solutions to get your repairs done quickly, and effectively. We also respect your intelligence, and won't talk down to you, or pretend we know more about your PC than you do. We run an office on Main Street with hours that are open when you are. Time is money, and we don't like to waste it any more than you do.

Whether forces of nature, or accidents of man, hard drives can and do crash. Data can be lost. In many cases, it can also be recovered. Contact us with your specific data recovery issue, and we can inform you of possible options and offer our services, which are competitive and reasonable.

Don't let a lack of understanding or a tight budget keep you from freeing your home or office of cumbersome wires and restricted desktop locations. We can open the door to wireless networking with information and quotes, customized to your unique requirements. And they are probably lower than you might think. Wireless networking or WI-FI is the easiest way to share your high speed internet around your home. Smart wireless routers connect to your DSL or CABLE internet, and let computers or laptops with a WI-FI device connect remotly to the internet, or even network together and share files.

Advertising online does not have to be expensive. Let us explain the possibilities of web hosting, site recognition, and global search engines. We can make your web site more effective, faster, and easier for your target audience. Do you need a content management system? We have it! Do you need a cool way to display your pictures? We have it! The Elefante installer provides you with the opportunity to have BLOGS, FORUMS, E-SHOPS and many more, without any knowledge of HTML, PHP, or MySQL.

If you would like to order web hosting online right now we have a self service domain registration and hosting service for a low monthly fee. Note this is self service, if you would like us to create or manage your web site it will be an additional hourly charge separate from web hosting costs. Call our office at (715) 427-2711 for current rates and discounts.

Professional Graphic Design
Are you having trouble creating the right look for your business? Bring your ideas to us, and we will work with you and whatever budget you have to create the brand you need to succeed. Contact us for a consultation, and open your mind to the possibilities of what a professional, local graphics service provider can do for you.

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